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CAD IT’s solution offers a personalized service for effective consultant / client relationship management.

By dividing customers into homogeneous clusters, the application is able to provide a complete analysis of the client's financial and asset situation.

The use of modern and flexible tools offers the Financial Consultant solid and immediate support, both on and off-site, increasing the effectiveness and quality of the consulting service offered to customers.

The system guides the manager in creating consultancy proposals, providing multi-product and multi-purpose offers that guarantee portfolio diversification and are in line with the client's investment objectives and comply with the regulations.

The solution for consulting management is «MiFID Compliance».

The application provides a complete view of the client's financial situation so that buying and selling strategies for products «suitable» to the customer's profile can be drafted.

The solution provides consultants, promoters and Private Bankers with multi-channel and multi-device support.

The application is able to integrate in a simple and structured way with external systems through the use of well-defined interfaces.

It is also designed to be able to use third party services, such as engines for calculating the portfolio VaR / UL, consultancy generated independently by external services, personal enrichment of financial instruments, ...